The Way To Freedom

The Way To Freedom

Summary of the previous blog

In the winter, three years ago, I was fired, because of the illnesses in my family. In the firm it was a bad environment, that is the reason I was feeling uneasy all the time.

Today I am going to show you what was my further steps to reach my freedom.

Moment of the truth

At that point when the boss told me, there is no future for me in the company; I was shocked but stable. I did not want to show my weakness. My reaction was in these words: “Thank you for the opportunity, you are giving to me, to find a new path.” The truth is, I was happy in a way. Because I saw much longer before that day, there is no future for me in that company. I wanted much more for my life and my career. I stuck there in that place, in that office. In an unfriendly environment, in the job that was not satisfying me, that was choking me. That redundancy was just the dot on the letter i, for a new beginning. That was the time to go into action, to leave the comfort zone and do something for me.

Finding my freedom

The first thing I did, I went for a massage. I recognized, it is time to do something for myself, for my body, for my soul, because those were sides I ignored. I did not do anything for myself for a long time. That day I had realized, I am a person worthy to be treated respectfully, to be treated well, that I have to be pampered. When I got home, I was sitting in silence, and I was feeling happy. I knew I would do something good with my life.

First steps

I had started with learning and researching different options how to work from home. As I was present at many events, I have met many people, who helped me in a way, how to improve yourself.

I was educating myself at the self-employment service how to open a business, what opportunities to choose, about entrepreneurship, etc. In that time I have learned a lot more, than in my last years at work. After I had finished college, I was not learning anything.  In that time I was so happy because I was implementing all the knowledge. I attended a course called Practical advice from the best sellers on the World. On that workshop, I experienced how is to be exposed. I had to perform on stage. I felt a lot of adrenalin in my body. It was a big step for me. I also went on a course for a real-estate agent. I did not get a degree yet because I got pregnant. My focus in life was the baby and the family.

What meant that for my family?


As we were equipping the apartment, I was able to do all the necessary work at that point. I was regulating all the details about the projects that were in progress about the apartment.

I finally had time for my family. In the summer I could have my children at home. They had the best holidays. They did not have to be in the kindergarten. We were at the seaside, we were everywhere we wanted to be, and we did all the fun stuff we wanted to.

I sensed the taste of freedom. It was extraordinary. I had realized I want a life where I can be the boss of my life, the boss of my business, of myself. That I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and I can arrange my time however I want.

What about you?

After you do all the family obligations, do take some time for yourself?

Please, share with me in a comment.

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