About Me

I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky …. (R. Kelly)

I believe if you decide you can achieve everything. I have decided to run my own business after I have closed my door in the company I was working for 11 years. Here is the link where you can find out about the surroundings. 😀

I have a Family. Besides my husband are there also my three little treasures. I need a great deal of time to spend with them. And I love it.

I am an economist with a degree in tourism. I have some experiences in tourism, as I have worked in a tourist agency as a Student for a couple of years.
My regular employment was in a car industry where I was working in the office in wholesales.

I have always wanted more. I have needed more challenges. I wanted to be independent, to be my own boss. I wanted to have more time for my family, for my hobbies and interests.

So I have started to research what would be the best job. I would enjoy doing it and having enough time for my family, hobbies, etc.

In April 2015, I closed the door behind me in the company I have worked for. Life changed, and I have started visiting different seminars, educational programs, courses, reading business books, etc.

In September 2015 I decided, I have to do something from home, so I have started researching Internet business. I was searching for something on the Internet for a long time, and then I have found a digital academy where I have studied and worked as an affiliate.

As I like a healthy way of life (for my family and me), I have joined, after long research, a company with Aloe Vera products.

I like experimenting, researching, preparing good, tasty and healthy meals. I am a supporter of natural, healthy, local food.

My passions are gardening, taking walks in nature, mountain hiking, cycling, and the Tai Chi Chuan.

I am a lot more. You can see it here.

Since I can not stop with progress, I have started a new business.  I am coworking with Amazon, and I am blogging, working as a marketer and adviser.

I believe I can help you if you want to be healthy, beautiful, fit or you wish to have your own business or just an extra income.