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The Time When I Have Realised…


As a stay-at-home mom, wife, and a woman I have to say, that my life is full of events, daily challenges, and professions. In one of my educational seminars for LinkedIn, the lecturer told me you must not write on your profile that you are unemployed if that is so. You are possibly not sitting all day long and doing nothing. And today when I was cooking, I realized I am a multi-professional woman. Let us see what my professions are.

My Professions

In the morning when I wake up, I am just a mom and a wife. I help my members of the family to prepare to go to school, kindergarten, and to the job.

Then my working day begins. At first, I am a babysitter for my youngest child. I change his clothes, change his diapers, then I feed him, then we play, and we walk all day long around the place until he gets tired, and he goes to rest. If I am lucky, he sleeps for two hours. Meanwhile, I am hurrying to do all the work I can’t do when he is awake. That is also the time for my other professions. 😀


The biggest job on my schedule is a cleaning lady. There is a lot of dirt when three little children are busy in their world. Washing clothes are a neverending story, dirty dishes, a dirty table that nobody cleans up. And there are stains from fruits and other foods on the chairs, on the table, on the floor and of course the usual cleaning in the house.

Next shift is being a chef. Besides daily meals, I also make jams and other savings for the winter. I am a baker, and I make cookies, cakes, biscuits, etc. I am also a teacher to my children and a nurse when they are sick or when they are injured, by falling off the bike or just falling. Sometimes they also need my position as consultant, psychologist, mediator, lawyer and even judge.

In the afternoon, when somebody can take a look at my descendants, I become a gardener in our home garden. Usually, I also get help from one of them. Then my teaching is also back on the play. They also like to help me when I am a janitor. You know nailing appears to be big fun and entertainment. Of course, there is always a need to take pictures, and I am converted to a photographer.

When comes somebody’s birthday I am a party organizer. On this point, I also have my engagements as a cook, photographer, entertainer, baker, waitress. But I would be unfair if I would not say that I get help from my husband. He becomes my assistant. 😀


Sometimes I am a secretary, manager, and economist. In this context, I am often a purchasing officer. When my children go to sleep and have sweet dreams, my business begins. I become an entrepreneur. I am arranging my papers, writing blogs, contacting my clients for aloe vera products.

Oh yeah, I am also a student. I am studying different strategies for online work; I study different books from well-situated and great people like Lisa Nichols, T. Harv Eker, Eric Worre, Dale Carnegie, etc. My favorite study is for my soul and body; it is called Tai Chi.

I suppose I should be a multimillionaire by now. 😀 What do you think? Are you also multi-professional? How do you manage all these professions? Let me know what your experience is.

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