Stay At Home Mommy


Your Little Happiness

When your child is born, your whole World changes. The first time you see that little loaf, your World is surrounded by it. That tiny, beautiful, helpless baby is all you have on your mind. You want to provide your whole time for him or her. You want to give him or her all the best you can. You take care of him; you nurse him, change diapers, you read him, you take him for a walk, you enjoy the beauty of motherhood.

Back To Work

And then comes the time when mom must go back to work. Employed moms often have problems because they have to take care of their sick child. The toddler is in a kindergarten where he licks all the toys. Those toys are cruising from one to another. And of course, everybody leaves their bacteria on them. From my experience, I can tell you when you have children in kindergarten, they collect all the illnesses that are possible. At the same time, moms are asked to be at work. If they are not so lucky to have help (grandparents, babysitter), they can have problems with the employer. When the child is ill, he needs nobody else than his mother or father. Parents know the child, the best. The parent is the one on whom the child can rely.

More Happiness

Happiness grows with the number of children. But there also comes worries. For example, how to help them when they are in some trouble, when they are hurt, when they are ill, etc. You have to be on their side when they need you. As long they are small they need you a lot. In that case, you have to be available all the time. Of course, you also like to hang with them, to play, to do different activities, help them with learning, go to nature, to the museums, exhibitions and do a lot of fun.

Home Business


I want to be available to my children whenever they need me. That is the reason why I have started with the Internet business. That way I can be all day with my children and I can do my business when suits me the best. We can have holidays whenever we want (as long they are not at school) because I can take my job with me. I can write wherever I want. The only demand is the Internet connection.

And You?

Let me know how you handle those problems. Do you have some troubles at work when you have to be at home because your child is sick?

I wish you a great day and a good time with your family.

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