Immune System Resistance Of Our Family In Autumn-Winter Months

Immune system

Increasing Immune System Resistance

Autumn and immune system

Autumn brings changes in the weather. Days are short. Nights are longer than they were in the summer. There are significant changes between morning and day temperatures. Nature is preparing for the winter nap. Also, the human organism goes through the changes. Metabolism and the hormone system has to adapt to the changed lighting and temperature conditions. The immune system must prepare for more frequent virus attacks.

Are you the one who is waiting?

Are you among those who tackle the strengthening of the immune system just before the season of flu and colds? Or maybe even when the viruses and bacterias are already in work?

Strength immune system is crucial for our wellbeing and strong health. Maintaining it through all the year is urgent.

To build an immune system, we need a good effort. When it brakes down, you will be sorry for every wrong step.

How does the immune system work?

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. The invaders can be bacterias, parasites, viruses, and fungus.

The task of the immune system is to defend the entry of the attackers or to search for and destroy them.

What can we do support the immune system?

1. Fresh air and regular exercise

We need to provide the body with sufficient quantities of fresh air, full of oxygen. Therefore we have to be a lot outdoors. We have to let the air into the living quarters. Also, the exercise has a beneficial effect on metabolism, body weight, hormonal system and blood circulation, and of course on the immune system. Even 20 or 30 minutes of exercise per day can make miracles.

2. Enough sleep

The body needs at least six to eight hours of deep, relaxing sleep, in one piece. Child’s body even more. Enough sleep is necessary for regeneration and flawless operation of the immune system.

3. Enough drinking

Water! Drink two to two and a half liter of water per day. An option is also herbal tea.

4. Food

Let’s eat nutritious food, reach with vitamins and minerals. The food should be prepared with seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Our body needs various nutrients. Those are besides vitamins and minerals, trace elements, fats, antioxidants, and amino acids. We have to provide them on a daily basis. If our way of life and food implementation is inappropriate, we can have a lack of those essential elements.

Some interesting facts:

  • C vitamin collaborates in thousands of different metabolic processes.
  • Eight vitamins of the group of B vitamins are playing an important role in all reactions of energetic metabolism and regulates the nervous system.
  • Zinc and magnesium are crucial for the production of numerous enzymes.
  • The most important vitamins in autumn-winter months are C-, B-, E- and D-. And next elements: selenium, zinc, copper.
  • For the input of antioxidants are the most suitable very colorful, red, yellow and green vegetables and fruits or prepared beverages.

If food can not enter in sufficient quantities, it is advisable to take food supplements, as it contains mainly vegetable and fruit extracts.

5. The state of our gut

You probably know already, that the proper work of the immune system depends on the state of the intestine. The most important is the composition of the intestinal flora. Our gut contains ten times as many bacteria as the number of cells in the body. Most of them are probiotics or bacteria, with which we work closely. They do many things to make our body work optimally. Our main task is to help them with food and lifestyle to continually settle in and develop so that they can continue to work for our benefit.

Do not forget to the natural antibiotics. It is recommended to use aloe vera juice regularly.

Probiotics are sensitive to stress, lack of sleep, overuse of spices, fat, alcohol.

6. Mental balance

Try to increase the resistance to stress by meditation, yoga. Spend your time with positive people. Or stay at home in a warm room, with the pleasant aroma of essential oils.

The ways of boosting the immune system in my family

In brief, I can say we use the steps that I have described in the previous chapters.

But I can give you a deeper insight into our daily routine that helps us to maintain health.

We begin the morning with a glass of aloe vera juice (aloe vera gel plus water). Children drink it mixed with a spoon of honey.

Besides that, we take the probiotics. Children are fond of sweet royal jelly.

I usually take some other supplements like vitamin C, MSM, zinc, b-complex, and omega 3.

Before bedtime, I prepare a diffuser with essential oils. There are different oils, for different purposes. For a relaxation, to clean the air, or to help to the breathing system.

And at least, I massage the children’s feet with oil, called On Guard, to boost the immune system.


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