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As you may know, I have three children. I was always having problems with the mess when we started with “real” food. Food was on the floor; the clothes were wet and dirty. Despite they had bibs around their necks. The mess stopped when I have discovered the best product to protect my youngest boys clothes. The product that saved me was a silicone bib with a food catcher. The food that did not go to the mouth stayed in the bib’s pocket. Besides that, he had and still loves soft and cute spoons. Also made from silicone.

What Was Happening When We Were Feeding

Every time I had to feed my children I was experiencing frustration. At first, we had the battle to set a bib around the neck. Then I was checking all the time; the spoon is not too hot. In the next step, someone has hit himself with a spoon in the gums. Then he missed his mouth and food landed on the floor. Next time he was drinking from a glass and water that slipped from the mouth wettened his clothes. The bib was wet, dirty and I had to wash it. Of course, I had to collect more clothes, so the washing machine was full. And before it was dry, I had a bunch of new dirty bibs on the way to be washed.

Best Product To Achieve Friendly Feeding

Baby Feeding

One day I have luckily found and then created a product, which saved my time, nerves, water, clean clothes and a satisfied child. That is Matea’s bib and spoons set. My youngest son still likes the spoon, because it is made for easy scooping. It is soft, and the handle is nice to hold by the baby’s little hands. Spoon is nice to babies gums because it bands if you hit the gums or teeth. The bib is flexible, adjustable around the neck. While it has buttons, it rises with a baby. Big, opened catcher catches all food and beverages that misses little mouth.

And the best part for parents is that we do not have to wash it with the laundry. I wipe it, and the bib is clean and dry. The spoon is also not hard to clean. You can give both, bib and spoon into the dishwasher if you want to.

There are much more advantages. When you are getting on the way, on a walk with your little one, or vacation with your little one, you can pack spoons to the bibs pocket and roll the bib up. The set is ready to put into the bag in you are ready to go.

It does not take a lot of space in your drawer or your closet. Just roll it up. :‑)

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