The Rushing World

Today, at one point, I stopped, dressed slowly, and went forward.

Do you ever stop?

I am having a massive problem with this. The whole world is hurrying. So do I.

I am impatient when the children are preparing for school very slowly or even stop doing whatever they need to do, although the clock is ticking. And we have to hurry up. They are dressing even slower. The daughter even lies on the floor, on the bed or the armchair, and she is thinking. She goes to her world. I think she does not care if I will fly through the roof because of my tension.

Children are so lucky. They do not burden themselves with issues, like how fast the time is running. If I think about my childhood, I remember how slowly time was passing by. I suppose it is the same with my children, although times are different now.

I ask myself what would happen if I calm down a little?

Maybe it would be easier to get things done. Perhaps the children would do more work if they did not watch the jumping mummy. I know it would be better. When I am calm, I drive easier between my duties.

But this impossible time, it is continuously knocking on my shoulder.

Maybe it would be time for me to sit down and read a book, just like when I read the whole holidays. Let’s check here if it is something interesting;)


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