Omega Juicer And Preserving Health With Juices

Bad example of food

Winter is taking a slow farewell, despite the fact that the spring has already arrived on a calendar. Over the winter, when it is not overflowing with fresh vegetables and fruits, we enjoy more heavy food, often processed. In addition to that kind of nutrition and loss of exercising, loss of fresh air, we are under stress and nervousness. Therefore, it is now time to take action into our hands, to do something for ourselves. Let’s start detoxifying our bodies using Omega Juicer. It is now an opportunity to help our body, not to break down.

What is detoxification?

Fruits and vegetables

Detoxification is the removal of accumulated harmful substances from the body, which have been placed on certain organs over time. Food that stays longer in the intestines, due to incomplete digestion, begins to rot and release toxins into the bloodstream. Many harmful substances are secreted naturally from the body, but some are removed slowly or to a lesser extent. The body only can detoxify, involving the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, skin, lymphatic system and fat. 75% of the substances we eat are passed through the liver. Enzymes neutralize harmful toxins. Then they send them forward into the kidneys and gut, from where they go naturally from the body. In case, there came to many toxins in the liver; they are transmitted to the fat deposits, where they are stored. Other toxins begin to accumulate in the kidneys and the intestines, later in the lungs and on the skin.

Where do toxins come from, or what should we avoid?

Sparrows on the branches are already kneading how alcohol is hostile to our brain cells as well as other organs; it is also a considerable burden on our liver. A big enemy of the body is also nicotine. Together with it, there are other substances in cigarettes that increase the possibility of cancer. Caffeine helps to produce excess cortisol. Let’s take care of naturally-produced, bio-food. Food with pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides causes tiredness, allergies, inflammation, and various other serious illnesses. You can also find other chemical substances in food, cosmetics, and household products. Like hormones, heavy metals, mercury, etc. Those contribute to the degenerative cell damage, to the formation of free radicals that lead to many diseases. Avoid saturated fats, sugar, and genetically modified organisms. Those contribute to the poorer functioning of the immune system. As well they promote the formation of free radicals and allow fat accumulation, leading to repeated illnesses. We should consider that we do not need to use antibiotics unless it is necessary. Then we also ensure that we retain good bacteria by consuming probiotics.

What can we do to get it ruined?


In any case, we try to avoid the substances in the previous paragraph. We take care of nature’s movement, for healthy eating. With freshly squeezed juices that contain a large part of green vegetables (e.g., carrots, spinach, some drops of lemon juice, parsley bouquet, green leaves and a piece of fresh ginger pressed in a juicer). We cleanse the body from the inside and take care of the body from the outside. Let’s have enough rest.

Start Green

Many people take a radical transition. A few days on vegetable juices. Then they slowly begin with dense and solid food. During this time, we try to gradually eliminate foods that are the most harmful to our health. Such as milk and dairy products, meat and dried meat products, refined sugar, and foods with large amounts of oil and animal fats. In such a detoxifying diet, a lot of greenery is first of all welcome.  That means the spinach, nettles, and other greenery vegetables should appear in the morning green smoothies. Juice celery green and parsley together with apples. Great combination. Combine with large bowls of green salad and the addition of green supplements. Such as barley grass, wheatgrass, cholera, and spirulina.

Green Juice

Herbs contain a lot of chlorophyll that stimulates detoxification. It includes a lot of minerals and vitamins that provide for the well-being and optimal functioning of the body. During the enjoyment of juices and smoothies, we afford time for ourselves and moderate movements in nature, in the fresh air. It is best to take the detox diet with the help of an expert that we trust. He/She can help us with specific tips and examples of the menu.

Detoxifying effects have all the greenery that gives the green color by chlorophyll. So green vegetables should become a constant on our plates and in glasses.

Effects of Regular Juice Consumption

Regular consumption of fruit juices from organic fruit and vegetables helps us to maintain health and well-being. It is also an additional protective measure for disease prevention. Fresh ecological juices represent the fastest way of transferring nutrients to the blood and lymphatic circulation. Which feeds cells with food and maintains physical health. Both fruit and vegetable juices supply us with minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. They pass into the blood considerably faster than if they were consumed in the form of traditional food. By doing this, we invigorate the body and raise energy. Also, the process of purification and detoxification begins. The body gets rid of waste materials and toxins.

What do we need to prepare a fabulous juice?

One of my favorite tools in the kitchen is Omega Juicer. In our kitchen, we daily prepare juices. Juicing fruits and vegetables is the perfect solution when kids do not want to eat this kind of food. So I juice it, and here it is 😀 Plenty of vitamins and minerals are ready.

The Omega Juicer belongs to the world’s top juicers. Omega’s Nutrition System is a “masticating-style” juice extractor and more! With this mode of operation at low speed (of 80 RPM), it prevents the warming of the fruit. It preserves the majority of the nutrients to the juice. The Omega Juicer presses the fruits, unlike the traditional juicers. They are grinding, chopping and scraping it. In such a way, they lose valuable vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. The items are worming during preparation.

In the Omega Juicer, you can squeeze:

  •  fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • grass,
  • legumes,
  • nuts, etc.

You can make:

  • noodles,
  • grind coffee,
  • prepare butter,
  • creams from the nuts,
  • desserts from frozen fruits
  • and much more.


Omega Juicer is simple to use. When you put the parts together, you just wash the food you will juice. Then you slice it so it will fit into the applicator. Now you can start making your favorite juice.

It is crucial that you wash the juicer right away. So the material you used, does not dry. Then it is harder to clean the parts. You can use a brush that is included. If you are tight on time, then is the best, you put them into the water. You clean them up when you come home.

I do not recommend dishwasher because the materials can be damaged.


So let’s go to work. Here is a recipe for detox juice:

Green Juice made with Omega Juicer

You need:

* 4 apples

* 1 stem of celery green (rich with minerals with detoxicating powers)

* 1 smaller fist of parsley or coriander (they encourage the extraction of waste materials and heavy metals)


Juice the ingredients, and for extra detoxification effect, add a teaspoon of spirulina or chlorella in powder.

Short review

I can say only all the best for the Omega Juicer. But there is also a negative part. It is expensive, and so are the parts. However, you have a guarantee on the motor from 1 to 5 years or even 10 to 15 years, depends on the model. 


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